How were the first ever editable NFTs created. The SharkRace story

What are the milestones of a great collection? Idea, concept and a little something to spice it up. More and more collections are created and each one is different and unique in it’s own way. But the problem with the classic NFTs is that they cannot be changed, so the only thing accessible for holders is to sell their token. And here’s where our sharks team decided to make a massive change.

Besides creating an NFT collection, we wanted to innovate the whole experience with NFTs, making them something more than just a picture in the wallet. We thought, what if the holders could change their initial collectible NFT Sharks and take part in creating a higher-level asses? What if we let them play with the rarity score and provide a place to make an epic NFT themselves?

BTW, the new trend of editable NFTs has found huge support of the most far-looking VCs, including big names like Shima Capital, AU21, Inazuma, OIG, SL2, Enjinstarter, Skyman, Synapse and others, who have already invested in SharkRace.

One of NFT King Shark by Sharkrace
One of NFT King Shark by Sharkrace

So, do you wanna know the whole story behind the creation of our editable King Sharks? Here it is.

In the article below:
  • Who created the first NFT King Sharks?
  • AI drafts and final version
  • Premium traits
  • NFT Customization mechanizm

So, who created the first NFT King Sharks?

Each King Shark NFT is a part of the exclusive NFT collection built on the BSC blockchain. The initial idea of the collection was born and raised by the SharkTeam leaders — SharkBoss Alex and SharkRace Marketing Lead — Jane.

In many countries sharks are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, so we decided to create an NFT talisman for our investors to have it in their pocket with them.

First drafts of SharkRace NFT by Gordei
First drafts of SharkRace NFT by Gordei

The very first sharks concepts were drawn by a top award winnning artist — Gordei, a holder of the Cannes Lions Award. Just to give you an idea — this award is like an Oscar in the global creative industry! Our artist Gordei has won prestigious bronze for his project Tainá Coffee😎

But that’s not all, he also won these ones:

Gordei has worked with many prominent brands — Disney, Apple, Colgate, Nike, etc. Although, these projects are different they reflect a certain appealing style — that’s what caught our eyes while we were searching for an artist to make our collection.

One of the works by Gordei 
One of the works by Gordei 
One of the works by Gordei 
One of the works by Gordei 

AI drafts and final version of NFT King Sharks

So, together with Gordei our first main characters were created. Among them are the:
  • Diving shark
  • Sheff Shark
  • Indie Shark etc.
King Sharks by SharkRace 
King Sharks by SharkRace 

Our goal was not only to ensure each holder gets a unique piece of art, but also to launch the first NFT Customization platform where NFT owners could find hundreds of exclusive and super-rare traits — to upgrade their basic sharks with crazy accessories. In total we needed to elaborate 1000+ hand-drawn traits on 15 layers.

Part of our TOR for StoneMask studio | by Sharkrace
Part of our TOR for StoneMask studio

To deliver these amount of traits we built a collaboration of a few art teams working simultaneously.

StoneMask studio joined the process. They mastered the textures and added more mind-blowing elements. They were working on my basic structure. Each element is designed to be on one layer so that you can have a generated shark without elements blocking one another.

Wanna see some sketches of the Trump hair and brains served as a dish?

Hand-drawn drafts for King Sharks | Sharkrace
Hand-drawn drafts for King Sharks

While preparing our collection we had different approaches, one of them was that we’ve tried working with AI. Here are few textures from our experiments.

Experimenting with AI | Sharkrace
Experimenting with AI

We didn’t use them in the final sketches, we sticked to the hand-drawing, but that was an incredible experience.

After we finished polishing all the details — we started the generation of the collection. We were ready to reveal our exclusive collection to you! It comes in ultra-high resolution (4K) and 3D graphics. Here you can check our sharks>>
King Shark from our collection | Sharkrace
King Shark from our collection

Premium traits of NFT King Sharks

As we mentioned above, over a thousand of the hand-drawn traits was created for the Sharkrace NFT project. We splitted them in two parts: one part was used to form the basic collection and the other part of more sophisticated and crazy traits was allocated on the NFT Customization platform.

All of them have higher rarity than the basic traits in the collection. Even a few mind-blowing GIF-animated add-ons can be found on our NFT Rarity upgrade service. It means that by dressing up your shark with a premium trait you can upgrade the rarity index of your NFT asset. That’s exactly why editable NFTs are becoming the new trend initially developped by the SharkRace team.

Some of the hand-drawn traits by Sharkrace
Some of the hand-drawn traits

NFT Customization Mechanizm

The mechanics is easy. You use Wallet Connect and see your NFT shark in the main window of the platform. All the categories (layers) are listed on the right bottom line. Each of the accessory can be tried on in the Fitting room.

When you choose something and press the “Dress” button, the SharkRace smart contract automatically replaces the initial image of your King Shark with a new one containing the new trait. It also upgrades the meta data (the rarity index) accordingly.

The NFT Customization Platfrom Demo is already released and free to try. No shark required (use demo images provided).

Screenshot from NFT Cistomization Platform  by Sharkrace
Screenshot from NFT Cistomization Platform 

Holders will be able to customize their NFTs during a time-limited Rarity Contes only. After that the collection will be frozen in its shape. The SharkRace editable NFTs are not only a chance to modify a higher-rarity asset for the best ROI in the future. It’s also a crypto investor’s perfect chance to have a lifelong passive income from the project gaming infrastructure. King Sharks rule kingdoms and receive a lifelong revenue from the games. The games are played by Meta Sharks from all over the world. All the gaming assets are allocated between the Kingdoms depending on the rarity of a King Shark. The rarer is the King Shark that you create, the higher is your percentage from the gameplay lifelong.