Meet the SharkRace Team

A team of talented and skilled individuals is a must for developing a groundbreaking and innovative NFT/P2E crypto project like SharkRace. And we have a global team of enthusiastic and talented individuals with a strong vision and top-level expertise.

We firmly believe that transparency is an important factor to a project’s success and in building a trusting community.

Our team is NOT anonymous. Each member of the core team can be checked out following the Linkedin links on our website.

The SharkRace Team

We’re proud to say that our team is global, decentralized, and multilingual. Our head office is in Lithuania, located in the Baltic region of Europe.

We have more than 25+ people in-house full-time devs and marketing, 3 art companies (art and video production) help us to create all that you can see about our project. 2 game studios are working day and night so that you can get your hands on Shark Race and Sharks battle as soon as you can.

BTW, Shark Race Beta-testing is now live 🔥.

Experienced and creative marketing agency is also with us so that you can see all the benefits from our project clearly. Market-making and staking teams are also on board.
And last, but not least — Smart contract development team is with us to ensure safety on all the steps of a process.

All these are needed to guarantee our ambitious project’s success.

Sharkrace team
Sharkrace team

Let’s move on to the team:

  1. The SharkBoss
SharkBoss Alex is SharkRace’s beloved founder. He is a nuclear physics graduate and tech genius. He has over 30 years of experience in computer technology and advertising. Alex, along with his team, was responsible for the successful launch of Tizer crypto wallet.

2. Marketing Mastermind
Jane Shark is our head of marketing and international communications. She has over 20 years of experience in PR and the ad sphere. She graduated from London University with a degree in Communications.

3. Development Head
Cyrill is our head of development. He’s been a fan of technology ever since his childhood. He won tech Olympiads back in University. In recent years he’s become an experienced blockchain expert. He’s currently the proud CEO of Tizer crypto wallet.

Wanna dive deeper into our ocean? Here are 2 videos to help you do that:

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