Shark Race Overview

Shark Race is an explosive game that combines the best things from arcade entertainment: high dynamics like in “Rock’n’Roll racing,” hard as “Carmageddon,” ability to boost your character like in most popular RPG games. In addition, it is filled with racing competitions like in Slot Cars and Mini4WD.

In the article below:
  • Sharkrace introduction
  • Types of sharks and their capabilities
  • Customizing and upgrading sharks

One thing we can say for sure, it is definitely “Shaken, not stirred.”

You will be able to compete, earn prizes in the deadly battle shark races, or even place bets while watching others compete. There is something for everyone, take your pick.

As a SharkRace holder (either Super Pack or NFT King Shark Pack), you will be provided with everything you need to play the game:
  • sharks, designed for different racing strategies. All sharks are NFT tokens based on the 721 protocol.
  • A flexible system to boost your shark, which allows you to make a unique combination of weapons, upgrade your shark, and make other improvements suitable for your strategy.
  • Each module, accessible for the shark, is an NFT token based on the 1155 protocol.
  • Exciting tracks with traps, obstacles, and a unique boosting system. You never know who will be the winner of the race.
  • Complex combat system. Each weapon has its strengths and weaknesses.

“Time is money.” Improvements and prize modules increase the price of sharks on the marketplace.

Types of sharks and their capabilities

The game has 3 different types of sharks. Among them are:

  • 3 “Battlecruiser” Titan of the Shark Race game. An impressive armor with the ability to add a lot of weapons. It is suitable for those who want to crush all rivals on a track.

  • High-speed Rocket. Great speed performance, as well as high maneuverability. This one is suitable for those players who prefer speed and dynamics in a race.

  • Well-balanced Core shark. Designed for those who like to combine it all together: install powerful weapons and not lose speed in the process. It does not have any particular strengths, nor does it have any weaknesses.

Shark Race gamepad
Shark Race gamepad
Each NFT shark type has a unique recognizable design, as well as, its own distinctive look.

Customizing and upgrading sharks

Each Shark will have a set of “slots” which are used to place and install modules. Modules can be combat or auxiliary, aimed to change the characteristics of the meta-shark. Among them are:

  • Weapon modules. Starting from rams and rapid-fire turrets up to laser systems and electromagnetic emitters.

  • Modules that change meta-shark characteristics. These modules allow you to customize your shark according to your preferences.

  • Modules that increase the effect of boosters during the race. Such as: longer invisibility, making your shark faster, or bombs with extra damage.

Meta-shark types
Meta-shark types
It is up to you: to have a super-fast shark with a ram or have a well-balanced character with rocket launchers. The choice is yours.


Exciting and dangerous races are the main feature of our game: 3 types of meta-sharks, 8 levels of development, multiple race modes and tournaments, unique challenges for every player, dozens of obstacles, boosters and only 1 champion.

Races types
Races types
Community reviews abour SharkRace
Community reviews abour SharkRace
Community reviews abour SharkRace
Community reviews abour SharkRace
Community reviews abour SharkRace
Community reviews abour SharkRace

If you are not in a mood to play or your shark is in repair, not to worry — you can watch other sharks race and place your bets!
Link to SharkRace discord

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