SharkRace System

It’s no secret that there has been a lot of hype surrounding the upcoming SharkRace project. Our innovative, fresh take on NFTs may very well be the next big thing in the crypto industry. To ensure the project succeeds, we teamed up with multiple investors and many professionals from different fields.

You can be sure that SharkRace is in good hands!

SharkRace Investors

Behind the SharkRace is a global team of enthusiastic and talented individuals with a strong vision and top-level expertise.

With a number of very knowledgeable advisors and 35+ big-time backers behind this project, such as Shima Capital, AU21, Inazuma, SL2, Skyman, Seedify, Enjinstarter, OxBull, Synapse, OIG Capital and others, the SharkRace team is confident of success!

We take partnerships very seriously, therefore we handpicked all of our partners and investors to make sure our visions align. It is in our best interests that we team up with those who truly believe in our project as much as we do. With the support from so many great investors, there is no doubt that this project will be amazing!

Shark Tactics

We intend to make good use of the opportunity given by our investors and backers. Behind the SharkRace is an excellent advisory board, assisting us with critical thinking, strategies, analyses, etc. Our internal and external teams of professionals steer this project in the right direction!
Our IDO is approaching very soon. The SharkRace website has a countdown for this historic event. Make sure you mark your calendars!

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