SharkRace: the world’s first editable NFTs and play-to-earn Metaverse NFT Games

Great utilities, new trending features, premium graphics and lot’s of fun — make SharkRace a new sensation in the competitive NFT and GameFi market!

Designed to best fit current demands, the SharkRace platform offers not just a single item, but an NFT King Super Pack with the collectible, and gaming assets, as well as extra perks to provide an investor with the maximum ROI from the Sharkrace NFT ecosystem.

In the article below:
  • How to join SharkRace now?
  • Sharks virtual world — Metaverse
  • New trend: editable NFTs
  • NFT Customization Platform
  • SharkRace P2E Games
  • Sharks NFT Marketplace
  • SharkCoin (SHRK)
  • SHRK token in numbers
  • Roadmap

How to join SharkRace now?

The early bird NFT investors can already join the project and mint NFTs via the limited pre-sale of the King Super Packs for the floor price of just $150. You can apply on the official web site 

The Pack consists of:

  • 1 x genesis editable collectible NFT King Shark;
  • Lifelong revenue share from your kingdom
  • 1 x free gaming Meta Shark + access to the two P2E games
  • privileges: VIP staking, voting rights
  • Project tokens (200–2000 SHRK distributed randomly)

Sharks virtual world — Metaverse

Everything is built around the new trending editable NFTs called King Sharks. They are the most valuable assets in the pack, as they rule kingdoms in the Sharks metaverse and receive a lifelong revenue from the two play-to-earn games: shark races and battle. Being non-playable characters, they get taxes from their Lands and royalties from the game play of Meta Sharks operated by regular gamers.

Importantly, precious Land and Meta Sharks resources will be allocated between kingdoms according to the rarity rank of a King Shark.

Some of the King Sharks
Some of the King Sharks

New trend: editable NFTs

The problem with most NFTs is that they cannot be changed, and the only thing accessible for users is to sell these tokens on markets.

But the SharkRace team is making a massive change in this field with the world’s first NFT Customization platformUnlike any other project, SharkRace lets you edit and build your own unique NFT with higher rarity.

The new trend of editable NFTs have found huge support of the most far-looking VCs, including big names like Shima Capital, AU21, Inazuma, OIG, SL2, Enjinstarter, Skyman, Synapse and others, who have already invested in Sharkrace.

Sharkrace backers
Sharkrace backers

Go crazy with the first NFT Customization Platform

Each King Shark NFT is a part of the exclusive NFT collection built on the BSC blockchain. The premium art was created by award-winning artists who have worked for giant brands including Disney.

Initially, NFTs of various rarity are distributed randomly. However the holders are able to boost the rarity of their NFT and multiply its utility by getting super-rare traits from the NFT Customization platform which is packed with crazy hand-drawn accessories and even GIF-animated traits. All of them have higher rarity than the basic traits in the collection. Everything can be tried on in a special Fitting room. When the trait is yours, the smart contract automatically replaces the initial image of your King Shark with a new one and upgrades the meta data accordingly.
You can build your NFT during a time-limited Rarity Contest only.

Rarity contest by Sharkrace
Rarity contest by Sharkrace

After that the collection will be frozen in its shape, and it will be impossible to change NFTs any more. The rarest is the King Shark that you create, the higher is your position in the game, the larger income you get from it lifelong.

The project has already released the NFT Customization Platfrom Demo — free to try, no shark required.
Some of traits from NFT Customization Platforn
Some of traits from NFT Customization Platforn

Sharks races and battles — the new generation of play-to-earn games

How do ordinary people make money through NFT?

SharkRace has an answer. Providing both utility and fun for its users, this gaming world has fantastic graphics, several well-designed monetization models and already two games in development.

Game types by Sharkrace
Game types by Sharkrace

The Shark Race is a 3D metaverse game unveiling breathtaking races deep down the ocean. The second game, Shark Battle, is a 2D arena with a deck-building mechanics. Basically, a traditional battle is combined with a strategic twist of a card game and a unique possibility to place bets.

Both games feature stunning scenery, and admirably created gaming Meta Sharks (BEP-721) compatible for both games.

Interestingly, each Meta Shark within the game is also customizable in skills, and its gaming abilities. Users from all over the world can enjoy the game with third-person multiplayer that takes place in mesmerizing cyberspace.

Prior to the full play-to-earn game version, the project is launching free-to-play tournaments starting in July! The exact dates will be announced in the official TelegramDiscord and Weibo.

Sharks NFT Marketplace

Sharkrace team has created a convenient ecosystem, which includes an NFT marketplace designed for quick and easy secondary sales of all NFTs and in-game items.
Sharks NFT Marketplace
Sharks NFT Marketplace

SharkCoin (SHRK)

The project native token SharkCoin (SHRK) will have IDO across different platforms including tier1 launchpads Seedify & EnjinStarter.

SharkCoin is based on BSC and can be utilized on the platform to make a purchase of an NFT, NFT customization, or game transactions. Moreover, it can be staked.

This token can serve as a governance tool, giving users the right to vote, share ideas, and become a driving force for the evolution of the game.

SharkRace has revealed a global line-up of 35+ investors, who support the project around the globe. The exact IDO date will be announced in the official SharkRace’s Telegram news channel.

SHRK token in numbers

Total supply: 1,000,000,000
Initial market cap: $329K
Diluted market cap: $20,000,000
Basic token price: $0.02


  • Q2 2022 — Limited King Shark NFT sales on the official web site
  • Q2 2022 — Public demo-testing of the Shark battle game
  • Q3 2022 — SharkRace free-to-play tournaments
  • Q3 2022 — IDO (tba)
  • Q3 2022 — INO
  • Q3 2022 — Generation 1 NFT King Super Pack Big Sale
  • Q3 2022 — Rarity Upgrade Platform & Contest
  • Q3 2022 — Marketplace launch
  • Q3 2022 — Shark Battle P2E full version game launch + Game Shop
  • Q3 2022 — Shark Races P2E full version game launch
  • Q4 2022 — Scholarship programme
  • Q4 2022 — Lands development
  • Q4 2022 — New leagues and clans for the Games
  • Q1 2023 — Generation 2 NFT Big Sale
  • Q2 2023 — VR mode for the Shark Race game

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