Introducing SharkCoin (SHRK): Shark Race native project token

SharkCoin (SHRK) is SharkRace native project token used within our vast ocean of an Ecosystem. It has wide utility, such as: buying an NFT, rarity upgrade, game transactions, marketplace, and staking.

SharkCoin Usage

To start with, SHRK is the cryptocurrency used for buying the world’s first editable NFTs — a new sensation in the NFT market!

SharkRace King Sharks NFTs are a part of 12,000 collection of premium quality NFT art created by award-winning artists (1000+ hand-drawn traits, built on BSC, 3D graphics, 4k resolution 2400x2400).
Shark from SharkRace NFT collection
Shark from SharkRace NFT collection

Ownership of a King Shark provides you with a passive lifelong revenue share from the game. The revenue level depends on the rarity rank of the King Shark. Holders can raise the initial rarity to gain the best revenue position in the game by taking part in the time-limited NFT Rarity Upgrade contest. Additionally, when you buy a King Shark, you get a cashback in SHRK tokens that you can immediately spend on our platforms or stake.

Use the Rarity Upgrade Platform to boost your initial NFT Shark’s rarity index, multiplying its utility by acquiring super-rare traits and GIF animation services. Use SHRK for all operations.
Rarity Upgrade Platform
Rarity Upgrade Platform
Earn SharkCoins by playing in different modes and leagues of our P2E gamesMake in-game transactions for boosting your Gaming Sharks (their skills and traits can be boosted through special BEP-1155 add-ons available from the marketplace) and for placing bets.

Visit our Marketplace — a platform for secondary NFT sales of all collectible and gaming assets. Rarity scanner tool will show you the rarity index of each listing.

You can also use your tokens for staking, making your rewards higher in the long run.

Crypto Technicalities BSC

SharkCoin is developed on the BSC blockchain, allowing fast, secure, and efficient transactions. The total supply of SHRK tokens is 1 billion. Its basic price is $0.02. Initial market cap — $329K.

Awesome Right? There’s More!

SharkRace is very user friendly. Members receive three additional NFTs called Gaming Meta Sharks for our P2E games, land plots, cashback in project tokens, and much more. Exciting, right? We are hyped up too!

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