So, what are the benefits of investing into the new sensational King Shark editable NFTs?

  1. You get a piece of a premium collectible NFT artKing Sharks are the most valuable assets as they rule kingdoms & receive a lifelong revenue.
One of premium collectible NFT
One of premium collectible NFT

They were created by high-profile Cannes Lions awarded artists who have worked with top brands including Disney. Built on the BSC blockchain, the collection has 1000+ top-quality hand-drawn traits. With our NFT Customization platform you can edit NFT’s and increase their rarity.

Some of traits from NFT Customization Platform
Some of traits from NFT Customization Platform

NFT Sharks come in ultra-high 4K resolution (2400x2400), vary by rarity indexes and are distributed randomly at equal price.

2. Being a non-playable character, your King gets taxes from its Lands & royalties from the game play of the Meta Sharks operated by gamers.
Shark Race gamepad
Shark Race gamepad

3. You will own the world’s first editable NFT — a new trend is hugely supported by 35+ VCs.
Unlike any other NFT owner, you can customize it & raise rarity, increasing your revenue lifelong. Precious game resources will be allocated between kingdoms according to the rarity of a King.

4. The King comes with a free gaming Meta Shark, so you can play P2E games or sell it.
We have two games:
Shark Race — an explosive game that combines the best things from arcade entertainment: high dynamics like in “Rock’n’Roll racing,” hard as “Carmageddon,” ability to boost your character like in most popular RPG games. In addition, it is filled with racing competitions like in Slot Cars and Mini4WD. beta is already out and community is playing in all the time.
Shark Battles — Shark Battle is a furious life-and-death 2D P2E battler for meta-sharks. It combines the dynamics of a classical arcade fighting game, the strategic complexity of collectible card game and MMORPG-like ability to boost your character.

5. You get project tokens to stake or spend.

6. You get club membership with VIP staking & voting (more to come).

For the early bird investors: there are only a few Packs for the floor price of 150$. Use this form if you’re interested.

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