Shark Race Games with NFTs. What they are and how do they work?

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Play-to-Earn Games

Could we have imagined that some day video games will come to the point there you, as individual, not a pro-player, can not just play, but also earn money from playing? We may have not — but right now it’s our reality — please, meet Play-to-Earn Games.

Sharkrace play-2-earn games
Sharkrace play-2-earn games
From the creation of video games everyone except for players was able to get some money from it. Developers, streamers, content creators and much more people. But Play-to-Earn has changed that.

Not to be too obvious, they are games there you can play individually or with your friends and receive money awards for your gameplay. This is because these games use the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies to allow people to receive payments.

Play to earn games are everywhere at the moment. It looks like they are only going to get more popular. The business model behind them is easy and really is beneficial for all members. P2E games cover all genres from simple puzzle games to arcade games, fantasy, sports and much more.

There are different kinds of monetization models in these games: you can win money prizes from bank, win in-game artifacts, get money for your victories in a game, etc. meaning there are a lot of different ways how you can get a real income in cryptocurrencies.

Play-to-Earn Games with NFTs

Earning currency that has real-world value while having fun is one of the main reasons why play-to-earn games have become so popular. Creating NFTs that can become rare and profitable asset is another. Rarity directly affects price, with particularly uncommon assets often selling for 10, 20, and even 100 times the price of the common ones.

Our project — Shark Race offers an NFT collection of Shark Kings — unique generative premium sharks created by award-winning artists who have worked for Disney and other large brands. They are a main asset in your Super Pack, which also includes a gateway to 2 P2E Games.

SharkRace Games with NFT

Our games stand out by premium graphics, quality gameplay design, wide customisation options and a few great monetisation models — they are really cool, we are not afraid to say that!

Shark Race

Shark race overview
Shark race overview
You will be able to compete, earn prizes in the deadly battle shark races, or even place bets while watching others compete. There is something for everyone, take your pick.

Monetization models of Shark Race:

  • Winning money prizes from the RaceBank (the fund is generated by the game shop)
  • Boosting your shark, creating a higher-level character for best gaming revenues or for sale
  • Winning in-game artifacts for selling on the marketplace
  • Winning rare NFT prizes
Here are some screenshots from the game:
Shark race gamepad
Shark race gamepad

You can see Shark Race beta here ⬇️

Download Shark Race beta here>>>

Shark Battle

Shark Battle overview
A 2D Shark battle multiplayer. Gameplay is based on deck-building mechanics: all Shark’s parts and Shark’s equiment give unique set of cards.

Monetization models of Shark Race:

  • Placing bets for battles
  • Inviting your friends, placing bids and winning the bank
  • Winning rare NFT prizes
You can see Shark Battle teaser here ⬇️

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