Shark Battle Overview

Very soon our SharkTeam will launch a beta of “Shark Battle”. Let me make a relatively short introduction of it for you.

In the article below:
  • SharkBattle overview
  • Beginners League and it’s rules
  • Meta Sharks in a Game (Сore, Rocket and Titan)

… Second P2E game is the Shark Battle, where each meta shark’s equipment and skills generate a unique set of cards, and users play a series of random hands, similar to other trading card games.
Tech Times

Shark Battle is a furious life-and-death 2D P2E battler for meta-sharks. It combines the dynamics of a classical arcade fighting game, the strategic complexity of collectible card game and MMORPG-like ability to boost your character.

Compete, earn prizes in the deadly battles, or place bets on even more tough fights.

Start your way to success in the Beginners League! There are few easy tasks which you can do to improve your score and get to to the TOP.

  • Level up your account
  • Complete daily tasks
  • Get achievements
  • Earn new equipment
  • And even get a percentage of the prize pool!
Battle meta-shark
Battle meta-shark

But the real fun begins when you can afford a META shark!

You get access to professional weapons and armor, ratings and leagues and that’s not all — you even can bet on yourself or others. This will help you to increase your share in winnings!
In our game for you there will be 3 game mods with totally different approach:

  • Survive in the wild technogenic conditions
  • Show your sharp teeth in PvP confrontation
  • Don’t let your mates get torn to pieces in Clan Wars

Choose your shark with its unique properties !

  • Perfect balance of the «Core» meta-shark
Perfect balance of the «Core» meta-shark
Perfect balance of the «Core» meta-shark
Menacing combination of speed and power. Thanks to the latest technologies, this shark is good both in savage survival races and direct impact.

  • Absolute control of «Rocket» bolide
Absolute control of «Rocket» bolide
Absolute control of «Rocket» bolide
Special development that combines ergonomics and compact size, making the shark incredibly fast and very maneuverable. Due to the technological specifics, the armor was lightened and the number of weapon slots was reduced.

  • Apocalyptic firepower of the «Titan» model
Apocalyptic firepower of the «Titan» model
Apocalyptic firepower of the «Titan» model
The latest engineering line for meta-sharks, featuring improved armor and additional slots for combat modules. This class is suitable both for destruction and survival assignments. Due to large size and additional armament, their speed and maneuverability are reduced.

You’ve been provided with an extensive system of modules that increase speed and firepower. Install weapon modules: Ram, High speed turrets, Laser weapons, Electromagnetic emitter, Rocket launcher, Gravitron. Speed up with Fins and new Engines.Make your sharks the greatest one out where.
Ocean Game Developers

Be prepared for any combat conditions and take the enemy by surprise!
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