SharkRace strategic merger with

SharkRace has partnered up with an incubator and venture fund which has top-quality FinTech resources and profound expertise in blockchain since 2017. is much more than just a fund — it is a decentralized venture capital ecosystem, that consists of a

  • Launch Laboratory, a professional startup incubator which includes a turn-key tokenization and/or marketing acceleration services.
  • DAIDO Launchpad with two-sided vesting model (a new benchmark for token sale that protects investors and motivates projects)
  • Venture Partnership Pool, a special limited venture partnership registered in Luxembourg.
  • Blockchain technology-based Community Pool
  • Global Social Network for the venture capital industry — a revolutionary platform for startups, investors, and professionals to be launched in November 2022

The founder of George Galoyan is a well-connected Barcelona-based blockchain entrepreneur, a recognized DAO-expert, and speaker at many global events, such as WOW Summit currently running in Portugal. He also remains the head of Startups Entrepreneurship at the Blockchain Association of Armenia. Here’s what George commented on the merger:

“The merger is based on our strong belief in the SharkRace team, concept and potential, which has now been fueled up with the financial and tech support from our side. We’re looking forward to a highly successful launch”.

Alex, the SharkBoss and founder of SharkRace believes that co-operation with is a mutually beneficial process in terms of cost takeouts for the joined team, marketing synergy, and business development.

The first outcomes of the merger have been already proved by the real activities:

  • We’re preparing for launch, and forming a new roadmap to align all our ecosystem within the new timeline.
  • We’ve signed an advisory agreement with a web3 economy architect Menaskop and are nowworking on the revised game economy and tokenomics.
  • We’re getting our updated “go-to-market” strategy ready.
  • We’re developing benefits for our early bird NFT holders.

SharkRace publishes weekly team updates in our Twitter, Telegram and Discord communities!